MiaRec Releases On-Demand and Pause/Resume Call Recording Functionality for Its Award-Winning Call Recording and Quality Management Software


MiaRec, a global provider of comprehensive call recording and quality management solutions for contact centers, announced today the release of added support of On-Demand and Pause/Resume recording functionality for the Cisco Unified Communications platform.

With On-Demand recording, users can selectively record inbound and outbound contact center phone calls on demand. Compliance and liability policies may require users to record all conversations or capture only the calls they want to. For example, agents may receive many calls, but only want to record calls that result in sales. This feature can also be used to create a record of verbal contracts that occur.

Along with on-demand call recording capabilities, MiaRec also supports Look-Back recording. When On-Demand recording is triggered, the Look-Back recording feature allows the entire conversation to be recorded, even if the recording was initiated after the call began. Independent of the time a recording is started, the entire call is captured and securely stored.

A growing number of businesses are subject to regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS with respect to customer interactions, and secure call recording is essential to remaining compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides an actionable data security framework for organizations that accept credit card payments. While PCI DSS does not mandate call recording, it does address the way in which credit card data can be recorded and stored in the contact center environment. For example, if contact centers collect sensitive authentication data, such as the card validation code, they are prohibited from storing that data even if encrypted. It is important that the contact center’s recording system be capable of pausing, stopping, or muting recording during the disclosure of sensitive authentication data.

According to the latest PCI Security Standards Council information supplement, “It is a violation of PCI DSS Requirement 3.2 to store any sensitive authentication data, including card validation codes and values, after authorization even if encrypted. It is therefore prohibited to use any form of digital audio recording (using formats such as WAV, MP3, etc.) for storing CAV2, CVC2, CVV2 or CID codes after authorization if that data can be queried; recognizing that multiple tools exist that potentially could query a variety of digital recordings. Where technology exists to prevent recording of these data elements, such technology should be enabled.” MiaRec’s release of the Pause/Resume recording feature allows agents to stop the call recording when sensitive data, such as cardholder information, is provided. This helps businesses comply with regulations by keeping their data from falling into the wrong hands, and protects organizations from legal repercussions.

With MiaRec, an Administrator can easily configure or allow certain users the ability to Pause/Resume or record calls On-Demand through role-based permissions. Agents may trigger either of these features through MiaRec’s intuitive web-based user interface and through their Cisco IP phones.

“We understand that legal compliance is extremely important to every business. Here at MiaRec, we strive to provide the best tools for our customers to meet compliance standards. The delivery of these incremental releases reinforces our commitment to providing the most user-friendly, secure, and simple-to-deploy call recording and quality monitoring solutions on the market,” said Gennady Bezko, CEO of MiaRec, Inc.

About MiaRec: Headquartered in San Jose, California, MiaRec is a global provider of comprehensive contact center and business call recording solutions. MiaRec’s software solutions portfolio includes award-winning call recording and quality monitoring products for contact centers, VoIP service providers, financial institutions, and other businesses that need to improve workforce performance and enhance customer experience. MiaRec offers advanced contact-center functionality such as call recording, live monitoring, reporting, dashboard, and quality management as integrated all-in-one solution for optimizing contact center operations. Since its first release in 2007, MiaRec has been adopted by more than 1000 customers worldwide and is compatible with business telecommunications systems from leading providers, including Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Polycom, BroadSoft, Metaswich, and many others. For more information, visit http://www.MiaRec.com.

For more information about pause/resume call recording, please see: http://www.miarec.com/doc/user-guide/doc691

For more information about on-demand call recording, please see: http://www.miarec.com/doc/user-guide/demand-recording