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Improve Remote / WFH Agent Performance

Your contact center agents have the same efficient user experience whether they are working remotely full-time, across multiple small locations, or in one call center.


Have 100% Visibility, Regardless Of Location

MiaRec acts as a single pane of glass regardless of agent location so your supervisors and managers have 100% visibility into all customer interactions at all times.


Ensure Compliance & Security, Even Remotely

MiaRec's built-in security and compliance features, as well as seamless user experience, are specifically designed to work in any type of work environment.

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More Than Just Call Recording

Transform Your Customer Experiences

Are you struggling to keep up with rapidly changing IT environment? Is your organization also shifting remote or into a hybrid / Work-From-Home model resulting in significant changes in IT strategy for you?

MiaRec's Contact Center Intelligence Platform, with its automated quality management and comprehensive voice analytics features, helps you drive your Digital Transformation initiatives by radically improving your customers' experiences. Because of MiaRec's fast implementation times and easy onboarding, you can quickly realize ROI. Finally, it provides you and your business units with actionable customer insights and data extracted directly from customer interactions.

“MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn
Telecommunications Architect, LogMeIn

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