MetaSwitch Integration

Service Providers using Metaswitch platform benefit from a fully functional, reliable and advanced call recording solution at a competitive price point and a low total cost of ownership. This compatibility is available as active hosted call recording with SIPREC interface.

Hosted Call Recording With SIPREC Interface

In a hosted environment MiaRec recording server is located inside Service Provider's datacenter. Customers get access to their own call recordings remotely via web-browser. Customer's data is isolated from each other.

How It Works

SIPREC interface should be enabled on the Metaswitch side (supported in Metaswitch starting from version 9.0.10). Metaswitch system uses the established SIPREC link to send call details (caller/called phone number, service provider ID etc.) and audio RTP stream to MiaRec recording server.

  • It is more scalable than port mirroring recording. It supports load balancing and high-availability setups with automatic failover.
  • It is easier to manage. Administrators can easily enable/disable recording on a per-user basis through the Metaswitch administration web portal.
  • It supports distributed deployment scenarios. The recording server may be located in another network or even another data center.
  • It provides more call metadata for each call recording, like Metaswitch System and Business Group names.

Benefits For Service Providers

  • Attract new customers and grow customer base
  • Grow revenue from call recording service
  • Deploy quickly call recording system with low on-going maintenance and administration
  • Integrate easily call recording system with rich set of web service APIs
  • Help customers to comply with legal requirements to record calls and store call data
  • Provide secure access to the call recording data via intuitive web-based interface
  • Manage easily call recording system via a powerful centralized web-based administration interface
  • Lower costs with flexible licensing options
  • Easily add advanced contact center functionality, such as Live Monitoring, Agent Evaluation, Screen Recording, etc. for cross-selling and additional revenues


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