Your Goal:

Providing The Best Customer Service

Customer experiences are what make or break a company, and providing outstanding service quality is key to retaining existing customers and gaining new ones.

With MiaRec's Workforce Engagement and Voice Analytics platform, you can humanize your contact center data, allowing you to continuously improve customer experiences. 


Increase In Revenue

By increasing your customer retention rate by a mere 5%, you can double your revenue. 

5 Times

Higher CAC

Acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one.  


Decide On Service

79% of business decision-makers have made a purchase based on customer service.

Excellent Service Quality Is Key To Retaining Customers

Your contact center is generating so much data, but until now, it has been almost impossible to extract real actionable insights. With MiaRec, you turn all the data into humanized patterns, trends, and topics regarding your customers' needs and expectations, your competitors, and your products. In addition, you will identify important patterns throughout your contact center operations and customer behaviors that you wouldn't otherwise be aware of.  

MiaRec gives you a single pane of glass through which all customer interactions and agent performance can be viewed, regardless of your agents' location. It also is so easy to use and feature-rich that your employees will enjoy it, which accelerates onboarding and reduces turnover.

Give Your Agents The Tools They Need To

Provide The Best Possible Customer Service

MiaRec's Voice Analytics, Quality Management, and Advanced Reporting empower your agents to provide better customer service every day. 

Finally, A Contact Center Solution You Can Trust