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Improve Agent Performance & Onboarding

MiaRec makes it faster and easier to onboard, train, and manage your agents, improve their performance, and ensure compliance.


Accurate Performance Reporting When & Where You Need It

Never be in the dark again. Performance reports can be automatically delivered and then shared with stakeholders.


Get More Insights From Every Customer Interaction

Transform every interaction into an opportunity to learn more about your customers by visualizing trends and topics. 

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More Than Just Call Recording

Easy-to-Use. Feature-Rich. Innovative.

Do you have to account for every minute and every dollar spent? Are stressed about meeting your KPIs? Are you notoriously understaffed or feel like you are overspending on people or technology? Do you worry that your remote agents aren't getting enough support?

MiaRec transforms this stressful environment into an efficient contact center where agents have all the tools they need to perform at peak and supervisors can confidently manage their agents through a single pane of glass.

“MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn
Telecommunications Architect, LogMeIn

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