Multi-Tenant Call Recording For Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

MiaRec supports recording calls in the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) environment. The MiaRec multi-tenant architecture allows you to host multiple customers on a single platform and significantly save on hardware and maintenance costs.


How It Works

A single MiaRec instance may collect call recording data from multiple CUCM servers simultaneously (i.e. there is not need to deploy a dedicated recorder server for each CUCM instance). There are a few ways of recording calls in Cisco HCS environment:

  • Built-in-Bridge (media is forked by IP phone)
  • Network-based recording using Cisco CUBE (media is forked by CUBE)
  • SIPREC recording using Cisco CUBE or other vendor SBC (media is forked by SBC)
For the first two scenarios, the CUCM sends call the metadata to our MiaRec recorder (using SIP protocol) before the RTP media is forked by Cisco IP phone using a built-in-bridge capability, while for the SIPREC recording, call metadata and RTP is forked by Cisco CUBE using SIPREC protocol.



Integration Datasheet
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