Speech-To-Text Transcription

With MiaRec's proprietary, machine learning-based speech recognition and transcription engine, you are making call recordings accessible and searchable which allows you to finally unlock the valuable data contained in these thousands of customer interactions.

Make Recordings Searchable

By transcribing your call recordings into text, you are making the contents of the call accessible and searchable which is important for compliance and improves service quality.

Extract Valuable Insights

MiaRec uses AI to automatically extract keywords, assign categories and topics to calls, detect customer sentiment, auto-score the agent's performance, and much more.

Analyze & Report Call Trends

Now that you are able to extract these insights, you can analyze and report on call trends and agent performance, detect potential issues (e.g., shipping problems), and more.

Turn Call Recording Into Powerful Analytics

MiaRec's speech-to-text transcriptions allow you not only to make call recording files searchable but also to utilize our powerful Voice Analytics capabilities:

  • Benefit from automated keyword extraction, competitor name spotting, and categorization into topics, 
  • Identify customer concerns and potential problems by analyzing call volumes and trends,
  • Instantly jump to the section of the transcript you are interested in reviewing by clicking on the keyword, 
  • Visually see how a call started, how it progressed, and how it ended through color-coded sections in the transcript indicating the customer sentiment,
  • Automatically score agent performance on all recorded calls (Auto Score Card),
  • and much more.

Machine Learning-Based Speech-To-Text Transcripts

With MiaRec's proprietary, machine learning-based speech to text recognition and transcription engine, you can transcribe all call recordings or only selective calls based on criteria, such as group, call duration, call direction, and others. 

It offers an affordable yet equally precise alternative to expensive solutions on the market, e.g., Google Speech Engine & IBM Watson.

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