Advanced Reporting

MiaRec Advanced Call Center Performance Reporting provides comprehensive and extensive reports to analyze valuable business information and obtain actionable insights into call-center performance and operations.

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Report On All KPIs Important To You

Never be in the dark again. With MiaRec Advanced Reporting, you can report on all the contact center key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to you, such as average call time, the number of calls handled, missed calls, abandoned calls, and calls with specific call duration.

If you are using MiaRec's powerful Voice Analytics, you can run reports on keyword trends, customer sentiment, competitor names spotted, key phrases used, and much more.


Reporting That Adjusts To Your Needs

Reports are fully customizable based on your unique business needs and can be easily shared with key stakeholders for collaboration from anywhere, anytime. Schedule weekly emails or view them on the spot across every user, team, group, phone number, location, department, and much more.

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