Screen Recording

Capture your agents' on-screen activities during call recording and replay the entire customer interaction to ensure that your contact center is working as efficiently as possible while ensuring the highest compliance and customer service.

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Get The Full Picture On Customer Interactions

With MiaRec Screen Capture, you can not only record any agent's desktop activity associated with a recorded phone call, but also play back the call recording and screen capture that are synchronized to get a complete view of agents’ interactions with customers.


Discourage Distracting Or Non-Compliant Behavior

Contact center compliance, efficiency, and productivity start and end with your agents. MiaRec Screen Capture nurtures better agent compliance as it discourages behaviors that could be compromising (e.g., copying personal information and credit card numbers) and that make agents less productive (e.g., watching Netflix).


Powerful Insights Into Agent Performance

Identify any slowdown or on-screen distractions that cause loss of productivity (e.g., something that takes five clicks could be solved in a simpler, much faster way). In addition, you can train new agents faster by determining how quickly a new agent uses the user interface and what their learning curve looks like to identify any potential friction points quickly.


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