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Waterproof Compliance & Security

A contact center generates, manages, and stores lots of sensitive customer data and could, if not managed correctly, become a weak link in an organization's security and compliance structure.

By choosing MiaRec, you invest in a secure, compliance, and reliable contact center solution that you can trust to have your back at all times.

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Save 2X Costs

Save over 2X costs compared to the cost of non-compliance with regulatory standards.


Improve Compliance

Improve compliance adherence by 42%


Analyze 100% of Calls

Scale your compliance workflows to analyze and redact every 100% of calls.

A Data Breach Costs 4.24 Million — And Your Reputation.

Every year, the number of substantial data security breaches increases significantly, putting every organization at enormous risk, including the risk of being sued, being fined, and damaging your brand reputation. Contact centers hold a lot of sensitive customer data, including credit card details. Hence, protecting personal information and adhering to compliance and regulatory laws are key priorities.

MiaRec's Contact Center solutions are specifically designed with the highest security, reliability, and compliance standards in mind so you can sleep soundly knowing you have a partner you can count on 24/7/365.

Compliance Office

Finally, Compliance You Can Trust

 MiaRec Cloud is PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant to help protect you and your customers.

Other Common Regulations We Help Comply With

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Built-In Security & Compliance

Learn More About Contact Center Compliance

Our Modern Contact Center Blog provides practical tips, tricks, and strategic expert advice on how to keep your contact center compliant, secure, reliable, and efficient while providing the best customer experience possible!

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