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Boost Voice Of The Customer Metrics

Whether you are measuring success by NPS, CSAT, CLV, or other metrics, MiaRec will enable you to improve them noticeably. 


Gain Visibility Into 100% Of Call Volume

MiaRec's machine-learning-driven Voice Analytics lets you get an instant understanding of what your customers are saying.


Significantly Increase Customer Satisfaction

Better train your staff, immediately provide guidance when needed, and automatically evaluate agents to constantly improve service.

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Great Customer Experience Starts With Your Contact Center

Are you looking to drive measurable and continuous change, connect customer advocacy to tangible business improvements, and promote company values?

MiaRec allows you to identify service gaps and new revenue opportunities, and provides you with the visibility needed to execute CX strategies effectively. MiaRec also enables you to provide feedback on 100% of calls with Automatic Scorecards. Finally, you can quickly identify and promote best practices across the organization.

“MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn
Telecommunications Architect, LogMeIn

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