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Reduced Compliance Risk Already Built In

Eliminate human error with MiaRec's built in security and compliance features, like automated call recording announcements for Cisco. 


Water-Tight Data Security OOB

MiaRec is built-up from the ground up with maximum security in mind. This includes file encryption, watermarking, full audit logs, and much more.


Multi-Front Fraud Prevention 

MiaRec's extensive compliance and security features not only help you retrace your steps in case of fraud, but more importantly prevent it from happening in the first place.

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Built-In Compliance & Security

Finally, A Contact Center Intelligence Platform You Can Trust

Is the looming threat of a security breach or compliance audits keeping you up at night? Are you constantly worried about data integrity or vulnerabilities? MiaRec's automated Quality Management and Contact Center Intelligence Platform is a unique solution on the market as it offers industry-leading compliance and security features.

“MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn
Telecommunications Architect, LogMeIn

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