MiaRec Pricing

How Much Does MiaRec Cost?

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  per user/month
Call Recording
Transcription **
Notes and Tags
Role-Based Access Control
Agent Evaluation
Annual contract is required.
  per user/month
Incl. all Essential features plus:
Topic Analysis **
Sentiment Analysis
AI Call Summary
Live Monitoring
Annual contract is required.
  per user/month
Incl. all Advanced features plus:
AI-Powered Auto QA **
AI Insights **
Annual contract is required.

** MiaRec offers all customers a fair use policy for storage, transcription and other AI features. See Fair Use Policy below for details.

Fair Use Pricing Policy

MiaRec offers all customers a fair use policy for the following product features:

You can use up to the “fair use” included amounts (minutes, gigabytes, or tokens) per user per month without charge. Fair use allocations are provided for your organization by counting the billable users and applying the allowance for each user. MiaRec provides you with a way to track the platform's actual usage. If you exceed the included allocation, you are billed an overage charge per minute, gigabyte, or token per month.

Check out this page for detailed explanations of MiaRec's Fair Usage Pricing Policy, including example calculations of the most common scenarios.

Allocations and overage charges

Feature Essentials package
Advanced package allocation Premium package allocation Overage charge
Storage 17.5 GB per user 25.0 GB per user 32.5 GB per user $0.20 per GB / month
Transcription 1,500 min. per user/month 2,500 min. per user/month 5,000 min. per user/month $0.01 per minute
Topics - 25 topics per org 50 topics per org $0.50 per topic/user/month
Large Language Model
(AI Insights, Auto QA)
- - 2,000,000 tokens per user/month $5.00 per one million tokens


Other licenses

Feature Pricing
Archived user license
Fair use allocation: 17.5 GB / user
Overage charges for storage: $0.20 / GB / month
$7.50 per user / month
Platform fee $500 per month
Screen Recording add-on
Fair use allocation: 25 GB / user
Overage charges for storage: $0.20 / GB / month
$15.00 per user / month
Onboarding fee Contact us
Auto Data Redaction add-on Contact us





Can I mix and match packages?

No. All users within the organization must be on the same package.

What is the minimum seat requirement?

For all cloud packages, we require a minimum purchase of 25 licenses.

How does billing work?

MiaRec charges customers for the maximum number of active users that were on the platform for a given month. Active user includes agents, supervisors, and admins.
We do not prorate the addition or deletion of named users mid-month.
Example: If a customer starts the month with 50 agents, removes 25 of them mid-month, and then adds another 25 to replace them, they would be charged for 50 total named users that month. We will not double bill for the additional seats they added.

Do admins and supervisors require a license?

Yes. All active users, including admins, supervisors and agents, require a license. For employees that left your company, you can use the Archived User License if you need to retain their data in the platform.

What is an archived user license?

When an employee leaves your company, you can archive that user account to securely retain their data and prevent them from accessing the platform. Archiving a user account changes their state to archived and assigns them an Archived User License. After a user is archived, they cannot sign into their MiaRec account, their calls will not be recorded, transcribed, analyzed or scored. The previously collected data (recordings, score cards) for the archived users will be retained in the platform. An archived user license has storage limits as described in the Fair Use Policy.

What is a token in AI Insights and Auto QA features?

MiaRec uses Large Language Models (LLM) for its advanced features like AI Insights and Auto QA (call scoring). For example, to categorize a call, the platform submits to the LLM a call transcript (text) together with a prompt (i.e. instructions like “Categorize this call into one of the following categories: issue with payment, order product, schedule appointment, …”). A usage of LLM-based features is counted in tokens, where 100 tokens is approximately 75 words of text that is being processed as an input to the model or generated as an output. The longer the call, the more tokens it consumes. The average conversation rate for English speakers in the United States is about 150 words per minute. A classification of a 15 minutes call with LLM will consumes approximately 3,000 tokens (15 minutes x 150 words/minute / 0.75 words/token = 3,000 tokens). The Auto QA feature consumes more tokens than AI Insights because it needs to process the same call transcript multiple times depending on the total number of questions in a score card (in average one pass is required for every 5 questions). If a score card consists of 15 questions, then scoring of the same 15 minutes call will require 3 passes and will consume 9,000 tokens (3,000 tokens x 3 passes = 9,000 tokens).

Thus, processing of one minute of transcript with AI Insights (for example, classify a call into one of categories) consumes approximately 200 tokens. An average business user generates 1,500 minutes of calls per month. Classifying all calls of this user will consume 300,000 tokens per month (200 tokens/minute x 1,500 minutes = 300,000 tokens).

Auto QA consumes 3 times more tokens, on average. Thus, auto-scoring calls of the same user will consume 900,000 tokens per month. In reality, you may not need to score every call. Usually, very short calls are excluded from auto scoring.

So, what can you do with 2,000,000 tokens per user/month? For an average organization, that amount of tokens is enough to auto-score 100% of user calls plus extract 3-4 AI insights, like automatic call classification, automatic call disposition, extracting key facts like customer names, a product that was ordered/discussed, pricing, etc.

Do you also offer an on-prem version?

Yes, we offer on-prem or hybrid set-up based on customer-specific requirements. The on-premise pricing is slightly different and depends on multiple factors. Please request a quote here.

Is this service HIPAA-compliant?

For our healthcare customers, we can provide a fully HIPAA compliant cloud solution. The pricing for HIPAA compliant versions might be different from standard pricing above, please request a custom quote.

To learn more about HIPAA and other compliances, please click here.

I already have call recording, can I just buy Voice Analytics/Conversation Intelligence product?

Yes, for those customers that have call recording and UC/CCaS systems compatible with MiaRec, we offer our Conversation Intelligence and Auto Quality Management solution as a stand-alone product. Please request a quote here.

Do you sell call recording only?

No, Call Recording is sold as part of the Essentials package.

Do you sell screen recording only?

No, Screen Recording only works when the MiaRec platform is actively recording audio calls. Screen is captured only when agents handle calls and for a short wrap-up period after call disconnects.

"We were fortunate enough to find MiaRec over 5 Years ago when our existing call recording solution was not advancing in capabilities at the speed we needed. From the beginning, MiaRec was fantastic to work with and very responsive, and they offered exceptional technical support. Their ability to provide partitioning per Partner/Customer has been a key capability in our wholesale model. The feature/functionality of the MiaRec platform has consistently exceeded our customers expectations.

Advanced functions like Screen Recording and CRM integration have helped set us apart from much of the competition. We highly recommend MiaRec and their awesome team. They have been a fantastic technology partner for both our Reinvent Wholesale and Saddleback Retail UCaaS business."
Ray Napoletano
Ray Napoletano

VP of Sales - Reinvent Telecom

We needed a platform that went beyond basic interaction recording. We wanted a single solution that would provide usable customer service insight. We needed analytics tools to measure performance and customer sentiment. Most of all, the data had to be organized, easily accessed, and easy to understand without having to become experts in analytics."
"MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn

Telecommunications Architect - LogMeIn

"Highly impressed by MiaRec's expertise in very quickly installing their solution so we could begin recording calls immediately. The process was very painless relative to a project of this scale. MiaRec has a highly intuitive interface that enabled us to expand the group of associates who can listen to recorded calls.

New users were provided access and were off and running without any need for further training. As the only source containing all our customer calls, we have been able to use MiaRec to very quickly find and listen to any calls that require review."
Jim L.

Director of Contact Centers - Large US Retailer