Cisco Webex Calling Integration

MiaRec is fully integrated with Cisco WebEx Cloud Calling (formerly BroadWorks), providing a true multi-tenant solution with multiple deployment types and unlimited scalability. Record calls on or off-site and choose only the best QA, automation, and voice analytics features to drive additional revenue and meet customer requirements.



A hosted call recording service offers a high-revenue-generating opportunity for the service providers, allowing them to reach into new markets, attract new customers, and expand their solutions portfolio.

  • Open new revenue opportunities by offering MiaRec call recording, analytics, and advanced contact center features/services (branded or white-label)
  • Service providers can rapidly deploy services with no additional hardware requirements at the customer site with unlimited scalability and consistently high uptimes
  • Customers subscribe through a monthly fee, eliminating upfront costs while bringing sustained revenue to service providers
  • Robust multi-tenant architecture featuring extensive service provider management functions for automatic auto-provisioning, multi-level permission, and partitioned multi-tenant resources
  • Easily manage call recording system via powerful centralized web-based administration interface
  • Help customers comply with legal requirements by providing secure access to record calls and store call data via an intuitive web-based interface

Deployment Options

Host On Service Provider Site or Host With MiaRec

Service providers enjoy full administrative control over deployment, customer accounts, and branding by hosting MiaRec.

ALTERNATIVELY, service providers can enjoy all the exact same benefits while passing the hardware, storage, and maintenance costs to us by having MiaRec host the platform. This option eliminates the service demand on your IT staff, eliminates the cost of redundant backup, and automatically includes resilient system assurance.  

In both service provider-hosted and MiaRec-hosted cloud scenarios, Cisco WebEx Calling sends audio RTP streams and call metadata (caller ID, time-stamp, etc.) via SIPREC to the MiaRec platform. Above and beyond call recording, service providers can offer value-added services like regulatory compliance tools, automated QA, and business insights through AI-powered analytics. 


Multi-Tenant Cisco WebEx Call Recording Solutions For Service Providers

BroadWorks_MiaRec_Hosted_2In a hosted environment, MiaRec recording server is located in the Service Provider's datacenter. Customers get access to their own call recordings remotely via a web browser. Customer data is isolated from each other.

The MiaRec software includes a full set of service provider management functions, allowing automatic auto-provisioning and single sign-on for a seamless user experience. The MiaRec solutions also include a wide range of advanced features, enabling service providers to offer advanced contact center functionality such as Agent Evaluation, Live Monitoring, Screen Capture, and Call Analytics.

Service Providers using Cisco WebEx Calling platform benefit from fully functional, reliable, and advanced call recording solutions at competitive pricing and low total cost of ownership.

Cisco WebEx In The MiaRec Hosted Cloud

WebexMiaRecCloudHostedMiaRec Hosted Cloud is a pure cloud solution where the MiaRec recording server sits within our own data center offering hassle-free deployment. Service Providers receive access to management functions for automatic auto-provisioning, multi-level permission, and partitioned multi-tenant resources. Customers' data is isolated from each other while providing customers with full functionality, redundancy, and automatic resiliency.

Benefits For Enterprises & Service Providers

  • No-hassle deployment and configuration
  • No administration burden for service providers
  • Pass hardware, storage, and maintenance costs to us by having MiaRec host the platform
  • Eliminates the service demand on your IT staff, the cost of redundant backup, and automatically includes resilient system assurance.  


Technical Details

Cisco WebEx Calling uses an established SIPREC link to send call details (caller/called phone number, service provider ID, etc.) and audio RTP streams to the MiaRec recording server.

Each user can be configured in two different recording modes: Always and On-Demand. When Always is selected, all of the calls a user makes or receives are automatically recorded. In On-Demand mode, the call is recorded from the start, but the recording server discards the recording at the end of the call unless informed by the user to keep the call. The request to keep an On-Demand recording can be made either through a feature access code (*44) or an Xtended Services Interface (Xsi) request. The request to keep the call must occur prior to the call ending.

SIPREC interface is highly scalable. It is possible to deploy multiple recording servers with a single Cisco WebEx Calling system. The system administrator can specify which recording server to use at the group level. This allows the administrator to balance a load between multiple servers. Additionally, isolated recording servers can be created if security policies require it.


Integration Guide
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