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AI Coaching

Empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer service with effective AI Coaching and track their progress overtime. All in one platform.



Save time and cost

Reduce the time spent on crafting and drafting the feedback. Free up valuable resources to focus on high-value tasks, such as training needs.

Track agent progress and get full visibility

Get full visibility into contact center performance and track your agent's progress over time.

Use AI to develop a coaching action plan

Leverage AI to automatically populate suggested knowledge articles based on the context of conversation and feedback.

AI-based Agent Feedback and Coaching

With the help of flexible prompts, you can now generate automatic feedback for your agents using generative AI technology. This means that you no longer need to spend valuable time listening to calls and drafting lengthy feedback manually. 

The AI-powered feedback system can analyze call data and provide comprehensive feedback on agent performance, including areas of strength and areas that require improvement. This not only saves time and reduces workload for managers, but also allows agents to receive timely and constructive feedback that can help them improve their customer interactions.

The generated feedback doesn't stop at analysis; it also includes actionable recommendations. These recommendations provide clear guidance for agents to enhance their performance, ultimately resulting in improved customer experience.

Supervisors have the flexibility to effortlessly customize the feedback and deliver a more tailored and individualized response to agents. 

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Holistic view into your contact center performance

Maximize your insight into contact center performance by seamlessly integrating MiaRec AI Coaching with our all-encompassing AutoQA module, Sentiment Analysis, and Topical Analysis.

Gain valuable insights into your business operations to enhance the customer journey.

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