Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Integration

MiaRec provides tightly integrated Conversation Intelligence solutions that are 100% interoperable with the Five9 VoiceStream Platform, a part of the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.


Maximize Efficiency and Business Agility with MiaRec and Five9 

MiaRec and Five9 have made it easy to integrate the MiaRec platform with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to provide a perfect fit for organizations looking to for a cloud-based solution they can grow with. 

The MiaRec platform offers secure and easy access to evaluate, automate, and extract tailored intelligence from  your Five9 calls. MiaRec offers live monitoring, screen recording, sentiment analysis, and agent evaluation tools including automatic call scoring to help streamline your QA workflow and provide complete visibility into your customer interactions.

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"Modern contact centers require solutions that scale and flex to meet organizations’ changing needs. We are thrilled to partner with MiaRec, whose solution is powered by Five9 Voicestream, and offers our customers another opportunity to gain valuable insights into data critical to improving the customer journey."
Scott Black

RVP, Business Development, Five9

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How It Works

The MiaRec solutions platform leverages Five9 VoiceStream and is integrated with Five9 through a SIP stream connection. The integration uses SIP Protocol with a SIP stream for Agent & a separate SIP stream for the caller. CTI events are mapped to real-time audio streams using domain and call ID present in both SIP headers and call event metadata.


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