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More Precise Targeting With Customer Insights

Thanks to the valuable customer insight solutions MiaRec Voice Analytics is generating 24/7/365, you can target your buyers more precisely.


Customer-Driven Competitive Intelligence

Your customers are one of the best sources of competitive intelligence, and with MiaRec Voice Analytics you can finally tap into that source. 


Better Marketing Return-On-Investment

MiaRec provides you with valuable insights that will help your marketing and customer success team to work more efficiently.

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Humanize Your Contact Center Data

Actionable Customer Insights

Are you struggling to keep pace with the rapid and unanticipated changes in your customers' behavior? Do you wish you could look into your customers' minds to learn what they think of the latest product launch or marketing campaign? Are you looking to build a lasting competitive advantage?

Now you can! MiaRec's Voice Analytics transforms the massive amount of data generated by your contact center and sales department every day into real, actionable insights, such as a request for a specific feature your competitor has, praise for your new launch, or obstacles in your customer acquisition process (e.g., pricing is too complex).

“MiaRec allows us to simply and quickly record our agents, listen in real-time to live calls, and lightly integrate targeted search for call recordings from our CRM. We’ve been using it for years, and it has improved and grown over time to become a workhorse in our QA and compliance flows."
Paul McGurn
Telecommunications Architect, LogMeIn

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