How to remain compliant with All-Party Notification for outbound calls

Companies across different market verticals realize benefits of call recording. They use call recording to ensure excellent customer service is provided, improve performance, train staff, resolve disputes over orders, etc.

When it comes to the legal side of using call recording, the main concern is whether organizations must notify all parties of call recoding or if it is enough to notify their employees only.

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Benefits of Call Recording for Debt Collectors

Call recording for debt collectors

Numerous debt collectors utilize call recording solutions for a multitude of reasons. The monitoring of agents and debtor ensures compliance and manages risk on both ends. Call recording is an effective solution to resolve misunderstandings that may arise. It gets straight to the point and avoids any escalation of disputes. Performance of agents are meticulously monitored to guarantee quality calls and ensure regulations are being thoroughly followed.

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Know When to Get Consent Before Call Recording

Call recording is utilized across the United States and globally for many reasons. To sustain proof of conversations, ensure compliance with regulatory standards are met and quality service is delivered. Each state law requires either a One-Party consent or All-Party consent. Some countries will have varying differences in law.

One-Party Consent

One-Party consent states that if you are included in the conversation, you have the right to record. It is not mandatory to inform anyone else in the conversation.

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MiaRec will exhibit at Cloud Partners 2015, September 16-18, Boston


San Jose, CA, (09/02/15) – MiaRec, Inc. a global provider of call recording solutions, will exhibit at Cloud Partners on September 16-18 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

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How to effectively use call recording to coach and train contact center agents


Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to call a contact center without hearing a well-known phrase: “Your call may be recorded and monitored”. Contact centers are primary using call recording to monitor and improve agent’s performance, enhance customer service and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Top 10 phrases to use in customer service


In a customer service environment the right language is truly important. If we are talking about sales calls it is even more important. Certain words and phrases can have a huge impact and either make or break the whole impression and the way a customer feels about your business.

Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your customer service? Here are 10 phrases that will make your customers feel loved and appreciated.

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Call Recording: 5 ways your company can benefit

Call Recording for Businesses

Companies are using call recording in a variety of innovative ways, to address a variety of business needs, including legal documentation and protection, order verification, dispute resolution, and customer-service enhancement. It’s also great for training and supervising new employees and generating sales leads. Always an essential tool in the contact-center industry, call recording has proven itself useful in a wide variety of business environments.

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HIPAA compliance for contact centers


HIPAA compliance for contact centers has been an important issue for every healthcare organization since legislation relating to the security of protected health information (PHI) was enacted in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 2013.

HIPAA affects all types of healthcare providers, such as hospitals, physicians, dental offices, pharmacies, as well as healthcare clearinghouses and health insurers.

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New revenue opportunities for Service Providers


The hosted telephony market is becoming increasingly competitive, as businesses in North America and worldwide turn to hosted IP telephony and unified communications services. Call recording services offers Service Providers opportunities for new revenue streams and new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Businesses are increasingly choosing hosted telephony over on-premise solutions as they focus on their core businesses and look for ways to eliminate up-front investments. However, they still expect advanced, feature-rich functionality. Therefore, it is important for service providers to ensure that they offer a full range of business tools for their enterprise customers, including value-add services, such as quality management tools and call recording.

Complementing hosted telephony service portfolios with call recording allows service providers to grow their customer bases and revenues. Call recording offers high margins and high average revenues per user. With the right recording system—offering a low total cost of ownership and a flexible licensing model—service providers can easily monetize call recording services and generate a rapid return on investment.

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MiaRec releases version 5.0

We released today a new version of MiaRec, award-winning call recording and quality monitoring solution for contact centers. MiaRec version 5.0 features a brand-new web-interface with dashboard, intuitive and advanced search capabilities and extensive reporting functionality. New version of MiaRec helps contact centers and businesses to comply with legal requirements, such PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others, improve quality of customer service and enhance agent performance.

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