Quality Management Pro

Support Your Quality Management Staff

Don't need to automate your quality management using Generative AI yet, but need to support your QA managers? MiaRec's Quality Management Pro solution will accelerate and streamline your manual QA processes by 40%, boosting productivity, morale, and service quality.

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Streamlined Process

Evaluate and monitor agent performance up to 40% faster to identify and address potential customer-interaction issues.

Understand Sentiment

Get deeper insights into how your customers feel by coupling your agent evaluations with customer sentiment analysis. 

Increase Productivity

Visualize performance trends and identify training gaps quickly and confidently to address any issues faster and more effectively.

Are you struggling with this too?

  • Do your QA managers struggle with manual evaluations because they are tedious and time-consuming?
  • Do you wish there was a way to utilize technology to speed things up and streamline the process?
  • Are you lying awake at night wondering how your customers feel about your service quality?

Are you wondering if there is a better way? Now there is!

The Solution

Accelerate Agent Evaluations With MiaRec Quality Management Pro

Evaluate Agents Quicker & More Consistently

To evaluate an agent with MiaRec's Agent Evaluation tool, select a call recording you wish to score and click the "Evaluate" button in the call details view. Then simply listen to the call and click the boxes to evaluate the performance.

You can also look at the visualization of the audio file to spot any long pauses or periods of overtalking, scan the transcript for any potential issues, and speed up calls to 1.2x speed to evaluate 20% more calls. 

Once all questions are answered, MiaRec will automatically calculate a score between 0 and 100. The evaluation forms can be created and customized in MiaRec's evaluation form designer. This keeps evaluations consistent across agents and streamlines the process significantly. 

Evaluation Form

Understand How Your Customers Feel With Sentiment Analysis

MiaRec's Quality Management Pro license comes with our keyword-based Sentiment Analysis. This means our software automatically spots pre-defined keywords or key phrases that indicate how the customer felt during the call.

Our algorithm then calculates three sentiment scores: a customer, an agent, and a total score. It will also assign an emoji and color to easily visualize the sentiment at a glance.

In addition, MiaRec will give you a count of the positive and negative instances so you can immediately gauge the severity of any potential issues. Last but not least, anything flagged will appear color-coded in the call transcript so you can identify the cause of the sentiment right away.


Get Better Performance Insights With Evaluation Reporting

Gain valuable insights into performance trends and track the progress of individuals or groups over time to get a clear picture of how each department, team, or user is performing. With MiaRec's visually appealing performance reports, you can easily identify the strengths and areas for improvement of any agent.

As a supervisor, you will always stay informed and never be left in the dark. You have the ability to view and analyze call, day, group, user, and agent performance key performance indicator (KPI) statistics, receive call transcriptions automatically, share evaluation results with your team, schedule weekly email updates, and much more.


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Streamline Your Manual Agent Evaluations

How To Get Started


Experience MiaRec

Seeing is believing. That's why the first step is to try MiaRec QM Pro using our online demo (no sign-up required) or by scheduling a product demo with our Contact Center AI experts.


Build Your Business Case

Now, it is time to create a business case and implement a trial (POC). Our team is here to help you get the tools and data you need to prove to your buying committee that there is no risk.


Streamline Your QM

Now to the fun part! It is time to implement MiaRec and take your QM to the next level. It only takes a few days to implement and you are all set to start evaluating your agents faster.

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