MiaRec.ini Configuration File

Please note: this is legacy documentation. Please check out https://docs.miarec.com/all/ for the most up-to-date documentation and user guides. 


Rarely used yet advanced configuration of MiaRec is done via configuration file MiaRec.ini (see C:\Program Files\MiaRec Business\Bin\MiaRec.ini).

MiaRec.ini has a standard INI file format (see Wikipedia: INI file format).

The basic format is following:

# This line is a comment
; This is also a comment

[Section String]
Key Name = Value String



  • First and second lines are comments because they are started with a hash (#) and a semicolon (;) characters. These lines are ignored by the program.
  • [Section String] is the name of a section (group of settings)
  • Key Name is the name of the configuration parameter
  • Value String is a value of the configuration parameter

Some of the most important configuration parameters are described in the documentation. Others (rarely used) are described inside the INI file itself in comments. MiaRec reads the configuration file during a start or upon a request from the Telnet console. This means that the "MiaRec" service should be restarted after the INI file is modified. Alternatively, instead of restarting the service, it is possible to send the command "reload config" from the Telnet console. The latter method is recommended when there are active calls, which are recorded at the moment.