Contact Center Quality Management

Lower costs and save time with AI-Powered QA that Scales. Monitor your (remote) agents’ calls, evaluate their performance, and report on your quality improvements in real time with MiaRec's Customer Quality Management and reporting solutions.

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Live Monitor Customer Calls, Even Remotely

Contact centers are increasingly Work-From-Home environments and having the ability to monitor your remote agents is crucial to provide help when needed and to ensure optimal customer service.

Listen in to your agents’ calls to evaluate your agent's performance, tag a call for follow-up or review, and even coach your agents in real-time to help deescalate a situation without having to leave MiaRec!


Automatically Score 100% Of Your Calls

Rather than having to painstakingly score a tiny fraction of your customer interactions, MiaRec's Auto Score Card enables you to drastically improve service quality by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to automatically score every single call based on predefined criteria. This gives you a complete 360 view of your contact center performance.


Agent Evaluations

You can also evaluate your agents by quickly and easily completing a customizable scorecard form. You can create them either from scratch or by tweaking the provided best-practice templates to reflect your unique business requirements.

Also, be sure your agents stick to the script and are compliant by choosing Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered evaluation interactions based on predefined speech tags.

After all questions (e.g., has the agent identified the customer needs by active listening?) have been answered, MiaRec generates a score between 1 and 100. 

Evaluation Form

Advanced QA Reporting

Monitor trends and track individual or group performance improvement over time to know exactly how each department, team, or user is performing. Using MiaRec’s visualized performance reports you can easily identify any agent’s strengths and areas for improvement. 

As a supervisor, you will never be in the dark again. You can view and drill down into call, day, group, user, and agent performance KPI stats, automatically receive call transcription, share evaluation results with the team, trigger weekly email updates, and much more.

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