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Augment your contact center processes to drastically boost your agents' productivity using Generative and Conversational AI.

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35% Better AHT

Improve Average Handling Time instantly by 35% by eliminating manual note taking.

Less Agent Burnout

Your agents will be happier, more motivated, less burned out, and less likely to turn over.

Better Service Quality

Your customers demand better, faster, and more targeted service quality. Make it possible with AI.

Are you and your agents struggling with this too?

  • Are your agents slowed down by having to manually take notes, which can impact their call resolution rate?
  • Are they getting burned out, racing through post-call admin tasks while trying to answer as many calls as possible?
  • Do you need better insights into why customers are calling and how they are feeling at that moment?
  • Do you wish there was a better way to train your agents on the spot and after every conversation?
Burned Out Contact Center Agent
The Solution

Take Your Contact Center Productivity To The Next Level With Generative AI

Auto Call Summary: Less Work, Better Service

Eliminate 1+ hour/agent/day of post-call admin tasks by using MiaRec to automatically, accurately, and consistently recap your conversations into meaningful call insights.

Because MiaRec Auto Call Summary is Generative AI-driven, you can use natural language to build flexible prompts, controlling the precise level of detail and structure you want your call summaries to have.

Auto Call Summary not only streamlines and automates agents' workflows, but also allows your agents to focus on the customer and provide outstanding service without being distracted or slowed down by manually taking notes. 


Call Categorization: Track Calls By Type, Spot Trends

Always know why your customers are calling and how that is changing over time. MiaRec uses the accurate and contextual understanding of Generative AI to automatically categorize your conversations by call type, allowing you to track and analyze your call reasons. 

This is especially powerful with our AI-based Sentiment Analysis and Auto QA capabilities as this enables you to drill deeper to uncover training gaps, market opportunities, and performance issues. 


AI Insights: Extract All The Info You Need, Instantly

Imagine you could consistently and accurately extract specific pieces of information from every single call automatically. Now you can. With MiaRec's AI Insights, you can extract:

  • Key facts, such as insurance policy holder, license plate, GOP number, etc.
  • Product or competitor names mentioned
  • Next steps or plan of action
  • If a follow-up is required
  • and any other type of information you need.

You simply ask the AI system using natural language and MiaRec's AI Insights delivers.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 111122

AI Coach: Individual Coaching After Every Call

80% of agent training is repetitive and standard-driven. However, reminding your agents to comply to those standards is tedious.

Now you can leverage AI to provide personalized feedback on the criteria that are important to you. This will allow you to provide individualized coaching tips to every agent after every call.  

In addition, supervisors can add notes to provide quick feedback or to outline a follow-up action plan. This feature seamlessly integrates into your workflow, fostering a powerful collaboration between humans and AI intelligence.

AI-based Agent Coaching

Experience MiaRec's Auto Call Summary Yourself

MiaRec's Auto Call Summary feature is leveraging the latest advancements in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) technologies to automatically summarize the call within seconds of completion. This saves your agents precious minutes of tedious post-call wrap-up work. Click below to start the interactive product walkthrough:

Empower Your Agents, Improve Productivity

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Now, it is time to calculate the ROI (try out our savings calculator), create a detailed business case, and implement a trial (POC). Our team is here to help you get the tools and data you need to prove to your buying committee that there is no risk.


Transform Your QM

Now to the fun part! You have evaluated MiaRec, compared it to other solutions, and made your choice. Now it is time to implement it. Implementation is completed within a few days and you are all set to start transforming your CC operations.

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