Voice Analytics

Automatic Keyword Extraction

Use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect keywords and phrases in your customer interactions to increase customer retention, nurture evangelists, gather competitive intelligence, and much more.

Increase Customer Retention

Identify customers who are frustrated (keywords: "upset", "angry", "This is not okay", "I expected more") and are considering cutting ties with you (keywords: "Cancel my account" or names of competitors) so you can make it up to them.

Nurture Product Advocates

Word of mouth and reviews are the best marketing. Look for keywords like "outstanding", "recommend you", and "That is amazing" to identify customers who are very happy and encourage them to leave a review or testimonial.

Identify Competitive Intelligence

Your customers are the best source of competitive intel! If you just listen, they are telling you what new features or services your competition is offering that are important to them. Just add your competitors' names to your keywords.


Who Said It And Why?

MiaRec's call recording is diarized, which means that what each participant says is separately recorded. This is important as it enables MiaRec to identify whether it was the agent or the customer who said the spotted keywords.

Knowing who said what is crucial because keywords and phrases can have very different values or even meanings depending on who speaks them.

For example, phrases like "thank you so much", "excellent", and "fabulous" are more valued if they are spoken by a customer rather than by an agent, who is trained to be polite.

How MiaRec's Automatic Keyword Extraction Works

Thanks to our proprietary speech recognition engine, MiaRec automatically transcribes either 100% of calls or only selective ones (depending on your preference) into text.

Our Artificial Intelligence-based Speech Analytics algorithm then identifies predefined keywords or phrases in your customer interactions. This subset of speech analytics is called Keyword Spotting. 

MiaRec shows the spotted keywords above the transcription as well as highlights them within the transcription.
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