AI Prompt Designer

Looking to improve your AI queries to gain full visibility throughout your workforce and customer base? MiaRec's new AI Prompt Designer is designed to enable users to refine and fine-tune prompts within a secure testing environment before deploying them.

Unparalleled Customization

Easily customize prompts according to your specific requirements, tailoring them to suit different scenarios and objectives.

Controlled Testing & Optimization

Test your customized prompts in a simulated environment to refine and improve them for better effectiveness and performance.

Prompt Library

AI Prompt Designer includes a library of sample prompts designed to assist companies in getting started.

Are you struggling with this too?

  • Not sure how to make AI ask the specific questions you actually want answers to?
  • Don't have time to learn a complex AI query system to get the superhuman visibility you need?
  • Are you tired of the ineffective preset queries from your current system?

Are you wondering if there is a better way? Now there is!

The Solution

AI Prompt Designer

Pioneering Prompt Customization & Testing

AI Prompt Designer represents a paradigm shift in the field of Conversation Intelligence, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility and control over prompt customization.

As Contact Centers increasingly embrace Generative AI-powered solutions to automate QA processes, harness customer insights, and equip agents with assisting technology, the demand for tailored solutions is more pressing than ever.

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