Deployment Options

On-Premise Call Recording & Voice Analytics

Full Control & Visibility

By deploying MiaRec on-premise, you retain full control and visibility of your data, your hardware, etc. This deployment option allows highly customizable hardware configurations and storage options.

Secure & Compliant

MiaRec's on-premise call recording and speech analytics provides you with the same secure, reliable, and compliant features as our cloud solution, but you can run it on-site in your own private data centers.


With MiaRec, it doesn't matter whether your contact center workforce is fully remote, on-site, or working in a hybrid model because you can accommodate workforce segmentation with a fully multi-tenanted architecture.

Benefits Of Deploying MiaRec On-Premise 

  • Easy on-premise deployment and configuration so you are up and running in as little as 24 hours
  • Robust, proven hardware platform built for reliability and security
  • On-Premise deployment solutions can be specifically engineered to fit the particular needs of your organization
On-Premise Deployment (600 × 400 px)

On-Premise Deployments Are Suitable For Customers Who

  • Prefer to have full control of their architecture and hardware configuration
  • Need to have all of their recordings and data stored in their own private data center
  • Need to comply with unique compliance and data sovereignty requirements, especially for healthcare and financial services

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