Windows Event Log - Monitoring Status of MiaRec

Please note: this is legacy documentation. Please check out for the most up-to-date documentation and user guides. 


In the case of an error, MiaRec writes detailed information to Windows Event Log.

Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer and select Windows Logs -> Application.

When the MiaRec service is started, it writes information about its own version and the number of licenses, which are installed on the server. See the below screenshot for details:


Also, MiaRec writes information about any errors. Examples of such errors:

  • Live monitoring doesn't work because port 554 is busy with other applications
  • Some calls are not recorded because of not enough licenses
  • Audio files cannot be stored on a network drive because of write permission issues.

Windows Event Log contains also messages from the PostgreSQL database. This is a database, which is used by MiaRec for storing call information.