Verify The Services Status

Please note: this is legacy documentation. Please check out for the most up-to-date documentation and user guides. 


Reboot the machine and check if all services are up and running:

shutdown -r now
  • PostgreSQL database:

    service postgresql-9.4 status
  • Redis cache (use ping command. It should print PONG if success):

    redis-cli ping
  • Apache web server

    service httpd status
  • Celery task manager

    Centos 6 (init.d):

    service celeryd status

    Centos 7 (SystemD):

    systemctl status celeryd
  • Celery beat scheduler

    service celerybeat status
  • MiaRec recorder

    Centos 6 (Upstart):

    initctl status miarec

    Centos 7 (SystemD):

    systemctl status miarec