Your Goal:

Driving Digital Transformation

For many enterprises, "Digital Transformation" or "Digital-First" priorities were nice-to-have concepts, but in the new post-pandemic world, these are now key survival strategies. 

Despite this reality, most contact centers continue to operate as if nothing happened. This hinders all Contact Center Digital Transformation efforts, as customer service and customer experience go hand-in-hand.


Digital Is A Priority

According to Gartner, 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority.


Increased CLV

30% of the companies saw an increase in customer lifetime value with advanced CX.


Have To Prove ROI

56% of managers say that the pressure to prove ROI from CX is increasing.

Humanize Your Contact Center Data To Fuel Digital-First

Your contact center is drowning in data, yet starving for insights because, until now, it has been almost impossible to extract real, actionable insights.

With MiaRec, you can humanize all this data into patterns, trends, and topics that are understandable by people. Get an instant and accurate understanding of your customers' needs and expectations, your competitors, and your products. This newfound knowledge can be used to inform marketing, sales, product strategies and roadmaps, and much more.

Transform Your Contact Center

Drive Your Digital Transformation

MiaRec's Voice Analytics, Quality Management, and Advanced Reporting empower your agents to provide better customer service every day. 

Actionable Customer Insights, Instantly