Deploy On-Premise Or In The Cloud

MiaRec is a best-of-breed customer and workforce engagement platform offering flexibility to deploy on-premise and in the cloud to deliver a customized solution based on your unique business needs.

Deployment Options

On-Premise Deployment

On-premise deployment is suitable for customers who prefer full control of their architecture.

  • Easy deployment and configuration so you are up and running in as little as 24 hours
  • Store all recordings and data in your own private storage center
  • Accommodate workforce segmentation with fully multi-tenanted architecture
  • Robust, proven hardware platform built for reliability and security
  • Comply with your unique compliance and data sovereignty requirements, especially for healthcare and financial services
On-Premise Deployment (600 × 400 px)

Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployments are suitable for customers who prefer no-hassle deployment and cost-savings, i.e., no service demand on your IT staff, no cost of redundant backup, and resilient system assurance, as well as unlimited scalability and maximum accessibility.

  • All recordings and data securely stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers
  • Comprehensive system integrations and easy multi-tenant expansion
  • Rapid guided deployment
  • Instantly scale to support seasonal call load and dynamic staffing
  • Evergreen application state through automatic software updates 
  • Zero feature limitations when migrating to the cloud
  • Cut operational expenditures by eliminating on-site hardware
  • Leverage market-leading, high-availability platform
Cloud Deployment (600 × 400 px)

All Deployment Options

All deployment options offer 256-bit data encryption, are fully compliant and scalable, and come with the superb level of support MiaRec is known for. 

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