Automate quality management and compliance workflows in your contact center

MiaRec is a Contact Center Conversational Intelligence Platform designed to help contact centers win back time, improve customer service, and increase revenue with best-of-breed Voice Analytics and (AQM) Automated Quality Management.

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MiaRec is trusted by more than a thousand organizations across the globe, including telecom service providers, healthcare institutions, financial service providers, government agencies, and many others.


MiaRec Unveils Groundbreaking Auto QA Powered by Generative AI within the MiaRec Conversational Intelligence Suite

MiaRec proudly introduces Auto QA, a cutting-edge AI-driven quality assurance solution, saving costs and providing 100% visibility into agent performance.

This Generative AI-based feature offers unparalleled accuracy, context understanding, and zero configuration, eliminating the need for data analysts or AI engineers.

Auto QA, part of MiaRec's Conversational Intelligence suite, underscores their commitment to automating quality assurance and enhancing customer experiences through AI.

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Win Back Your Time

Eliminate and optimize manual quality management processes in your contact centers by using Auto Quality Management and Voice Analytics tools

Automatically Score Customer Sentiment
Evaluate 100% of Your Customer Interactions via Auto Score Card
Identify Call Drivers and Rapidly Alert Staff to Improve SLA

Identify Contact Center Needs & Opportunities

Enhance the experience between the company, customer, and agent through the insights hidden in your customer interactions. MiaRec offers contact centers the visibility they need to deliver consistent, valuable insight for both managers and agents. Automatically score and provide immediate personalized feedback for every customer interaction.

Enhance Agent Training and Onboarding
Boost Performance Metrics
Calibrate by Call Type
Effortlessly Monitor Script Adherence

Confidently Action Feedback & Insight

MiaRec provides business leaders across the organization with easy access to the data they need to drive transformation and action reliable intelligence on products, competitors, pricing, and more.

Market Research
Product and Pricing Feedback
Competitive Intelligence

Protect your business via AI-driven automation tools

Leverage AI to automate and scale compliance processes using Auto Data Redaction to securely and automatically remove sensitive data from call recordings and transcript. Ensure Script Adherence by scoring 100% of your interactions automatically using MiaRec Auto QA. 

Automatically Redact Sensitive Data
Built-In Compliance Readiness
Prevent Fraud and Enhance Security
Optimize Your Contact Center with AI

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MiaRec is the best way for contact centers to maximize efficiency and reclaim revenue through AI-powered QA automation and conversation intelligence. MiaRec offers a one-stop-shop solution, a perfect fit for organizations looking for a scalable solution they can grow with.

Compliant, secure, and reliable call recording you can trust.
Automatic 100% or Selective Recording
Call Analytics Dashboards and Reporting
Searchable Call Notes and Tags
File Integrity Checks (Watermarking)
Search, Share, Download, and Import/Export Audio Files
On-Demand Recording with Lookback Technology
Immediate playback
Easily evaluate and live monitor your (remote) agents.
Everything included in Call Recording
Live Monitoring
Agent Evaluation (Customizable Scorecards)
Quality Management Reporting
Advanced Call Reporting
Get actionable customer insights from your contact center.
Everything included in Call Recording & Quality Management
Speech-to-Text Transcription
Automatic Keyword Extraction
Topics & Categories
Auto Scorecards
Sentiment Analysis
Advanced Reporting
Auto AI-powered Data Redaction

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