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What Is Voice Analytics?

MiaRec's machine-learning-based Voice Analytics solution is the future of Customer & Workforce Engagement as it takes customer interactions to the next level. It crystalizes the important details out of each interaction and humanizes the data so it can be easily understood by everyone, therefore providing customer insights to the entire organization.

It seamlessly integrates with MiaRec's Call Recording, Agent Evaluation & Scoring, Live Monitoring, Screen Capture, and Advanced Reporting features.

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Automatic Keyword Spotting Unlocks Insights

Keyword spotting allows you to define a company-specific vocabulary, key phrases, and variations (e.g., competitor or product names) to automatically analyze your recorded customer interactions to finally get a real understanding of what is happening in your entire organization.  

Using MiaRec's precise speech-to-text engine, MiaRec Voice Analytics automatically detects keywords sequentially or within several words of each other and assigns them to predefined topics that spotlight areas of concern that you choose. 

Topics and Kyword Spotting_Call Record

MiaRec's Topics Connects The Dots For You

While keyword spotting alone is already great, connecting the dots into topics that you can measure, benchmark, and report on is what makes Voice Analytics outstanding. For example, "issue a return", "refund your money", "non-refundable", and "want to return/send back" could all be phrases used to define the topic "Product Returns".

The applications for Topics are endless. You can analyze sales trends, cancellations and returns, customer sentiment, agent confidence, new product adoption, reactions to a new marketing campaign, customer retention prognosis, and so much more.


Analyze The Customer Sentiment, Not Voice Pitch

Many call recording solutions simply deduce the customer sentiment from the pitch of their voice. But what if the customer is actually excited about the agent resolving a problem quickly? That is why MiaRec's Voice Analytics analyzes what is actually being said in context — giving you a much more accurate representation of what is happening. 


Keep Your Finger On The Pulse With Critical Alerts

Most call recording solutions leave you drowning in data but starving for insights. With MiaRec, your customer interactions become a pulse you can measure. Simply define the keywords and conditions, intervals, or thresholds for notifications and MiaRec will alert you when your attention is needed. This way, you can respond rapidly. For example:

  • Is there an uptick in cancellations? Configure MiaRec to respond with an alert when the mentions of cancellation pass a threshold you set.
  • Is there a service outage your customers are experiencing? Let MiaRec show you how many customers are reporting it and which area codes they’re calling from.
  • Is a support issue gaining traction in your contact center? MiaRec lets you know when there is an increase in a particular word or phrase.

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