How To Update Drivers For Network Interface Card (NIC)

Please note: this is legacy documentation. Please check out for the most up-to-date documentation and user guides. 


Some old drivers (for example, from Broadcom) do not support promiscuous mode.

This causes the following issues:

  • one-way audio (when only one side of the conversation is recorded)
  • no audio is recorded at all (both sides of the conversation are not recorded).

Promiscuous mode is a special mode of Network Interface Card, which allows sniffing packets. MiaRec uses packet sniffing technology for recording calls. When promiscuous mode is not supported by NIC, a call recording is not possible. Fortunately, all network adapters that we know do support promiscuous mode. But some old drivers have promiscuous mode disabled by default. It is necessary to update the driver of NIC to the latest version, which is available on an official vendor's website.

It is important to download drivers directly from the website of the NIC's manufacturer (Broadcom, 3Com, Intel, etc.) rather than from the manufacturer of the computer (Dell, HP, Sony, etc.). Sometimes the website of the computer's manufacturer contains old drivers.