Restore Calls From Backups

Please note: this is legacy documentation. Please check out for the most up-to-date documentation and user guides. 


Restoring calls is easy. Start Restore.cmd (located in C:\Program Files\MiaRec Business\Bin\Scripts).

You will be asked only two questions:

  1. Enter the source directory, where backup files are located in. Type here a directory, where the backup was stored, for example, F:\MyBackup or F:\MyBackup\2009-01-05-134556 (depends on what you typed in the 5th question during the backup process).

  2. Enter the destination directory, where MP3 files should be restored to. Type here a directory, where you want to save the restored audio files. Usually, this is C:\Program Files\MiaRec Business\Data\Recordings

When the restore process is completed, you will be able to see the restored calls inside the MiaRec web interface.