Netgear FS726T

Netgear FS726T
Mirror Port Read-Only: 

This guide contains instructions of how to configure Port Mirroring on Netgear FS726T switch.

Netgear FS726T

In order to configure Port Mirroring feature, you need to open Netgear Web-Based Management Interface (if you don't know how to do this, check a documentation of your device).

When you login on Web Interface, go to setting Switch->Monitor.

You should see a page like on below screen-shot:

Netgear Configuration

Configure Port Mirroring according to following instructions:

  • Sniffer Mode should be set to Both.
  • Sniffer Port should be a port, where MiaRec Server is connected to. On the network diagram it is shown in red color (Analysis port).
  • Source Port. Check the port, where IP-PBX is connected to (if you have one) or uplink to WAN/Internet (if you do not have IP-PBX). All other ports should be unchecked. On the network diagram it is shown in green color (Monitored port).

Caution! If you have inter-office calls (between local phones), then every phone's port should be checked as a Source Port (Netgear switch supports monitoring of multiple ports).

See How to configure Port Mirroring in different call scenarios.

Save changes on that page (click 'Apply' button).

Now a configuration is completed and you should be able to record calls with MiaRec Business.

Should you have any questions or issues, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team.