Skype for Business call recording

Skype for Business call recording

MiaRec call recording and quality management solutions for Skype for Business enable organizations adopting the UC platform from Microsoft to securely and effortlessly record business interactions for compliance and quality control purposes.

MiaRec's flexible architecture allows deployment in any business environment, from small contact centers to global enterprises with multiple locations and complex networks. MiaRec supports centralized call recording across multiple locations and delivers industry-leading performance. It can record 1,000 calls concurrently on a single server, and multiple servers can be deployed for greater capacity.

MiaRec’s integration with Skype for Business and Lync products provides Skype for Business users with reliable, advanced, feature-reach contact center solutions, helping customers maximize their ROI in the Microsoft UC infrastructure.

Supported systems:

  • Skype for Business 2015
  • Microsoft Lync 2013

Technical details:

MiaRec supports multiple recording methods for Skype for Business. This gives customers the ability to choose the best call recording technology to fully meet their business and technical requirements.

Supported integrations:

  • Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA) based recording
  • Port mirroring-based recording

B2BUA-based recording

Skype for Business B2BUA call recording

MiaRec provides call recording capability utilizing the following components:

  • MiaRec MSPL application, which is deployed on Front End server
  • MiaRec SIP Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA) application, which is integrated into media path of user calls

How it works:

Calls are automatically routed through MiaRec SIP B2BUA, which has access to both SIP signaling and SRTP media streams. MiaRec B2BUA works in conjunction with MiaRec recorder engine to capture conversations and store on disk.


  • Any call scenario is recorded, including internal calls between Skype users
  • No conferencing services necessary, no additional resources needed
  • Centralized recording architecture - users from remote networks are recorded as well
  • No user interaction required. Recording is performed in fully automatic mode

Port mirroring-based recording

Skype for Business passive call recording

With this recording method MiaRec passively captures voice traffic from a network. A network switch with port mirroring feature is involved in this process, which sends a copy of every network packet to MiaRec recording server.

MiaRec deploys MSPL application on each of Front End servers. This application is necessary because Skype for Business encrypts signaling and media packets with SIP/TLS and SRTP.

The MiaRec MSPL application passes call metadata and SRTP decryption keys to MiaRec recorder via secure encrypted channel.


  • Unobtrusive recording method - the recorder is not in a media path

  • No conferencing services necessary