Siemens call recording solution

Siemens Call Recording

MiaRec is an ideal solution for call recording on Siemens SIP-based telephone systems, including following models:

  • HiPath 2000
  • HiPath 3000
  • HiPath 5000
  • OpenOffice EE
  • OpenScape Voice

Note, MiaRec is a voip call recording solution. Thus only SIP phones can be recorded. Following models of phones are supported:

  • optiClient 130 S
  • optiPoint 150 S
  • optiPoint 410/420 S
  • optiPoint WL2 professional S
  • OpenStage 15/20/40/60/80 S

Network scheme for recording calls on Asterisk

Step by step instructions for recording calls on Siemens HiPath/OpenOffice/OpenScape:

  1. Connect all SIP phones through a switch, which supports port mirroring (see A list of Switches with Port Mirroring support).
  2. Install MiaRec Business on a server, which is connected to the same switch.
  3. Configure port mirroring on the switch according to following instructions:

    • Port, which is connected to Siemens PBX, should be configured as a source for port mirroring session.
    • Port, which is connected to MiaRec server, should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.