Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones Call Recording

Polycom SoundPoint IP 650

MiaRec provides a feature rich, reliable, yet affordable call recording solution for Polycom IP Phones. 

Supported models:

  • SoundPoint 300/301/320/321/330/331/335
  • SoundPoint 430/450
  • SoundPoint 500/501/550/560
  • SoundPoint 600/601/650/670
  • SoundPoint Pro SE-220/225
  • SoundStation IP 6000/7000


  • Automatic call recording. All calls are recorded automatically. There is no need to press any button on IP phone to start recording.
  • Centralized storage. Calls are stored on a central server with easy access through a web interface.
  • Web-based access. Authorized users can view and playback calls remotely with a web-browser.
  • Powerful search of calls by date, time, phone number etc.
  • Role-based security. Access to call recordings is protected with login/password with configurable permissions. Different users may have different access rights (view only a specific range of calls, allow/dissalow of call deletion etc).
  • and many other features


MiaRec uses port-mirroring technology for call recording. All Polycom IP Phones need to be connected through a network switch, which supports port mirroring function.

No proprietary or expensive hardware is required. MiaRec is a software-based solution, which is installed on a standard Windows server. This allows it to be significantly less expensive than analog based call recording solutions.

Polycom Call Recording with MiaRec