MGCP call recording solution

MiaRec supports recording calls with MGCP protocol (RFC 3435).


Unobtrusive packet sniffing technology is used for call recording. MGCP phones should be connected through a network switch, which supports port mirroring as shown on below diagram.

Recording calls on IP Phones

On the switch a port mirroring function should be configured in the following way:

  • IP PBX port should be configured as a source for port mirroring session.
  • MiaRec port should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.

Note: MGCP protocol was not designed for transmiting of caller/called phone number information. And normally inside MiaRec you would see empty phone numbers for recorded calls in MGCP protocol.

There is one exception from this rule: Cisco IP phone displays own extention and remote phone number on phone's screen. IP phone receives this information from Cisco CallManager via XML services. MiaRec is able to parse these XML/BTXML messages and store caller/called phone numbers together with the recorded call.