Grandstream call recording solution

Grandstream Call Recording

MiaRec is an ideal call recording solution for Grandstream GXE502x series IP PBX.

Grandstream's IP-PBX product segment consists of the GXE5024 and GXE5028. The GXE502x appliance is a powerful all-in-one voice + video + fax + data communication solution for the small to medium sized business, especially companies with sub-30 seats per location.



Port Mirroring function should be configured on the switch (see What is Port Mirroring?).


Recording calls on Grandstream GXE502x

Connect Grandstream GXE502x IP PBX through a switch, which supports port mirroring (as shown on the network diagram).

Configure port mirroring on that switch according to following instructions:

  • IP PBX port should be configured as a source for port mirroring session.
  • MiaRec port should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.

Such configuration will allow call recording on Grandstream GXE502x IP PBX.