Dialexia call recording solution

Dialexia Call Recording Solution

MiaRec is ideal solution for call recording on the Dialexia Dial-Office IP PBX and the Dialexia Dial-Centrex hosted IP PBX.

MiaRec uses unobtrusive packet sniffing technology for recording calls.


Port Mirroring function should be configured on the switch (see What is Port Mirroring?).


Recording calls on Dialexia Dial-Office and Dial-Centrex

Connect Dialexia IP PBX through a switch, which supports port mirroring (as shown on the network diagram).

Configure port mirroring on that switch according to following instructions:

  • IP PBX port should be configured as a source for port mirroring session.
  • MiaRec port should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.

Such configuration will allow call recording on Dialexia Dial-Office and Dial-Centrex.