Cisco Skinny (SCCP) call recording solution

MiaRec supports recording calls with Cisco Skinny (SCCP) protocol.

Skinny is a proprietary protocol developed by Cisco. It is used for communication between Cisco CallManager and Cisco IP phones. But not only Cisco uses this protocol. Other IP PBX vendors also support Skinny protocol. For example, BroadWorks Access Mediation Server (AMS) supports Skinny protocol.


MiaRec uses unobtrusive packet sniffing technology for call recording. A network switch with port mirroring function should be deployed between IP phones and IP PBX like shown on below diagram.

Recording calls on IP Phones

On the switch a port mirroring function should be configured in the following way:

  • IP phone ports should be configured as source for port mirroring session.
  • MiaRec port should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.

For BroadWorks AMS following settings should be added to Oats.ini file:


Without the above setting calls are recorded with empty phone numbers.