BroadWorks Hosted Call Recording with MiaRec

MiaRec integrates with BroadSoft BroadWorks platform to provide hosted or on-premise call recording solution for service providers.

By using the BroadWorks advanced SIPREC interface, customers can deploy MiaRec recording software in a hosted environment or on-premises.


  • BroadWorks version 17.sp4 or higher
  • BroadWorks Call Recording licenseto enable SIPREC interface
  • Server for MiaRec (see Recommended server)

Technical details:

BroadWorks system uses established SIPREC link to send call details (caller/called phone number, service provider id etc) and audio RTP stream to MiaRec recording server.

Each user can be configured in two different recording modes: Always and On-Demand. When Always is selected, all of the calls a user makes or receives are automatically recorded. In On-Demand mode, the call is recorded from the start, but the recording server discards the recording at the end of the call unless informed by the user to keep the call. The request to keep an On-Demand recording can be made either through a feature access code (*44) or an Xtended Services Interface (Xsi) request. The request to keep the call must occur prior to the call ending.

SIPREC interface is highly scalable. It is possible to deploy multiple recording servers with a single BroadWorks system. The system administrator can specify which recording server to use at the group level. This allows to balance a load between multiple server. Or create isolated recording servers if required by security policies.

Hosted call recording

In a hosted environment the MiaRec recording server is located inside Service Provider's datacenter. Customers get access to own call recordings remotely via web-browser. Customer's data is isolated from each other.

Hosted call recording gains all benefits of Software as a Service products:

  • The customer doesn’t need to administer and manage call recording system
  • No additional equipment is installed on customer side
  • The hosted recording service works seamlessly when customer has multiple sites and remote or mobile staff
  • The customer pays monthly fee rather than relatively high one-time payment

Service Provider also benefits from hosted call recording solution.

  • The Service Provider can attract new customers, for which call recording service is a requirement
  • The recording service generates additional revenue for Service Provider

BroadWorks MiaRec Hosted Call Recording


Benefits for customers

  • No administration burden.
    Customers receive call recording as a service. The software is managed by Service Provider.
  • No equipment on customer premises
  • Seamless recording of multiple sites and remote (mobile) staff
  • Monthly payments vs one-time

Benefits for Service Provider

  • Attract new customer, who are required to record phone conversations.
  • Additional revenue from recording service

On-premise call recording

Due to security policies, some customers, like governmental, require that recorded calls are stored locally only. They cannot use a hosted call recording service. On-premise deployment is the only option for such customers.

BroadWorks MiaRec On-premise Call Recording

Benefits for customers

  • Full control on recording system
    Recording server remains in possession of the customer.
  • Integration between call recording system and customer's applications like CRM, QA etc
  • More cost effective on high volumes (100+ phones)

Benefits for Service Provider

  • No administration burden
    A recording server is installed and managed by customer itself
  • No hardware is installed on SP premises