Asterisk call recording solution

Asterisk Call Recording

MiaRec is compatible with Asterisk open-source PBX and other Asterisk-based telephone systems, like Digium Switchvox, Fonality Trixbox etc.

MiaRec uses unobtrusive packet sniffing technology for recording calls of Asterisk. Following protocols are supported by MiaRec: SIP, H.323, Cisco Skinny and MGCP. Whenever Asterisk operates with one of these signaling protocols, then calls can be recorded by MiaRec.


Port Mirroring function should be configured on the switch (see What is Port Mirroring?).


Network scheme for recording calls on Asterisk

Connect Asterisk IP PBX through a switch, which supports port mirroring (as shown on the network diagram).

Configure port mirroring on that switch according to following instructions:

  • Asterisk port should be configured as a source for port mirroring session.
  • MiaRec port should be configured as a destination for port mirroring session.

Such configuration will allow call recording on Asterisk.