Call Recording Solution for Remote Agents

Nowadays everybody is familiar with the words remote work and home business. And more and more businesses are trying to take advantages of this type of workforce organization. Call-centers are transformed to remote call-centers with remote agents all over the country or even all over the world. Sales and support persons are dealing with the clients over the phone from theirs' places. Home businesses, journalists, attorneys, insurance and financial agents, brokers, all these people can work from home, everything they need are PC with internet connection and the tool for recording calls.

With MiaRec Solo, remote workers and home businesses can take advantage of call recording, the technology large companies have been using for years. If you are business person and you are willing to improve the way you communicate with customers and partners MiaRec Solo is here to help you.

Critical issue for every call-center for classic one or remote one is agents performance. Rude or unqualified agents can cost a lot to the company. With call recording solution you can easily verify agents' performance and us the recording for training purposes. Legal requirements and dispute resolving is also an answer why to record your remote agents.

For journalists MiaRec Solo is a perfect tool for recording phone interviews and for investigative reporting. Attorneys can use recordings both for making notes and for reference purposes. For insurance, financial agents and brokers MiaRec Solo is indispensable to ensure the government compliance for call records.