Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

MiaRec Speech Analytics software allows one to search for key words and phrases in call recordings, providing more insights into customer interactions and helping uncover new opportunities for improving customer service. With MiaRec Speech Analytics, you will be able to transform voice data into a critical business asset and identify trends and root causes of customer experiences.

Top features:

  • Ease of Use

    The intuitive and clean web interface allows one to quickly and easily locate calls containing specific phrases, words, product or competitor names, etc.

  • Speed and Accuracy

    MiaRec Speech Analytics is using a fast and accurate speech engine that quickly processes audio calls and adjusts to voice, even if customers or agents speak with an accent or there is a background noise.

  • Built-in-Visualization

    The built-in visual player graphically displays the call’s timeline with color-coded word or phrase instances. You may click on the selected word to navigate directly to the specific phrase.

  • Call Transcript

    Full call transcript can be automatically delivered to the supervisor's email once the conversation is complete.

  • Automatic Score Cards

    Automatic Score Cards leverage Voice AI to automatically evaluate call transcriptions and provide immediate call score without any manager involvement to save costs and optimize operations.

  • Integrated Solution

    MiaRec Speech Analytics is fully integrated into the MiaRec Quality Management Suite. Supervisors may easily pinpoint calls for further quality assurance processes with MiaRec Agent Evaluation and targeting training for performance improvement.

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