Description Price
Call recording license:
First 20 seats (minimum 5) $ 295 / seat
Seats 21 to 100 $ 25
Description Price
Call recording license:
First 20 seats (minimum 5) $ 295 / seat
Seats 21 to 100 $ 255 / seat
Seats 101 to 200 $ 215 / seat
Seats 201 to 400 $ 175 / seat
Seats over 400 $ 135 / seat
Live monitoring license (optional) $ 495 / supervisor
MiaRec USB dongle (mandatory) $ 100 / server
Technical Support:
Technical support during setup phase Free (up to 5 hours)
Technical support by e-mail or help desk Free with a valid Maintenance
Technical support by phone or remote access $ 150 / hour
1st year Maintenance Free  
Maintenance renewal (optional) 20% of license costs per year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: Purchase

How to purchase MiaRec software?
Please, contact us and describe briefly your requirements (phone system vendor/model, a number of agents/phones etc).
How long will it take to deliver the product?
You can start using MiaRec immediately. We provide you with a temporary license code while you are waiting for MiaRec USB dongle. The delivery of a dongle usually takes 3-5 working days.
Is is software or hardware?
MiaRec is a software.
Will you ship me CD/DVD with a software?
You can download MiaRec software from our web-site. We do not ship CD/DVD. We only ship MiaRec USB dongle.

FAQ: Purchase

Can I try it before purchase?
Sure. Download trial version from here.
Check configuration guide for your phone system.
I have a trial version. Do I need to re-install full version after purchase?
No. The trial version will become a full version once you connect MiaRec dongle to it.

FAQ: Call recording licenses

How is it licensed?
Licensing is based on a number of named agent seats.
Is this one-off payment or annual?
It is one-off payment. No annual payments for call recording licenses are required.
You will probably want to renew your maintenance to receive free updates and technical support. Renewal of maintenance is optional.
Can I increase number of licenses in future?
Yes. You can purchase any number of additional licenses anytime.

FAQ: Live monitoring licenses

What is Live Monitoring?
Live Monitoring allows supervisors to listen to active calls in real-time.
Do I need Live Monitoring license if I just want to playback the completed calls?
No. Playback of the completed calls doesn't require any additional license.
How Live Monitoring is licensed?
Live Monitoring is licensed per number of supervisors, who listen to active calls simultaneously at the same time. For example, two licenses will allow two supervisors listen to active calls simultaneously. If the third supervisor wants to listen to active calls at this moment, then he/she needs to wait till one of previous supervisors releases the license.

FAQ: MiaRec USB dongle

What is MiaRec USB dongle?

This is a small device, which is connected to server via USB port. The licenses are stored inside memory of this device.

With MiaRec dongle you can move the licenses from one server to another easily. You will only need to plug-in the dongle to the new server.

If I purchase additional licenses, do I need to order new dongle?
No, every dongle has memory, where the number of purchased licenses is stored. Wewill send you new firmware for the dongle by e-mail.

FAQ: Technical support

How do I pay for technical support?
Upon receiving of a technical support request from you, we notify you if such request is a subject to paid technical support services. Invoice for payment will be sent to you upon resolving of a technical support issue.
What are support hours?
Support hours are 9AM-5PM PST (Mon-Fri).