MiaRec is compatible with VMWare


New version of MiaRec, an enterprise-level call recording and monitoring solution, is compatible with VMware virtualzation products.

The fastest growing trend in IT is virtualization, a software technology that allows you to run multiple servers on a single piece of hardware. Virtualization also lets start up new servers quickly and move servers to new hardware without interrupting service in case of failure.

The most obvious reason of using MiaRec call recording solution in the virtual environment is cost benefit, but there are other significant benefits as well. There is no need to purchase a dedicated server only for call recording purposes. Companies save in power, space and cooling since there fewer physical machines running. Virtualiazation allows also to lower administration costs: companies can deploy MiaRec on a virtual machine in minutes. Migration of MiaRec from one physical server to another can be made by just a few mouse clicks.

MiaRec supports high availability and disaster recovery technologies provided by VMware virtualization products. In case of hardware failure MiaRec virtual machine is restarted automatically on another physical server in the pool without any manual intervention. That makes MiaRec not only easier to administer and cost effective, but more failsafe and secure than call recording solutions in physical environment.