MiaRec has native 64-bit version


We released 64-bit version of MiaRec, which is optimized for high load contact centers, where 500 and more concurrent calls are recorded simultaneously.

64-bit operating systems were supported by MiaRec a long time ago. MiaRec has a well-designed architecture, which allows it to be run as a 32-bit application on 64-bit operating system.

But now MiaRec is built as a native 64-bit application, which allows it to access more memory. This is exetremely important when recording of more than 500 concurrent calls is necessary.

New version of MiaRec uses all benefits of 64 bit platform, including large memory addressing, enhanced parallelism and increased performance. 64-bit version of MiaRec allows to optimize usage of hardware resources, particularly to utilize more memory, which is available on the server.

In 32-bit world one application can use theoretically maximum 2 GB memory (practically it is about 1.5GB). For desktop application this is enough, but for server products, like MiaRec, this is a serious limitation.  Availability of 64-bit version of MiaRec means that more calls can be recorded simultaneously. For example, 32-bit version of MiaRec is able to record up to 400 concurrent calls, while 64-bit version is running successfully for recording of more than 1000 concurrent calls. Memory is no longer a limiting factor.

Besides benefits of using memory, 64-bit version has also better performance because of using optimized CPU instructions, which are available only in 64-bit mode. The upgrade of MiaRec Call Recording solution from 32 to 64-bit allows to handle much more concurrent calls without changing the hardware.