Supported Voip Phones and Adapters

MiaRec is compatible with all IP Phones, Softphones or Voip Telephone Adapters, which work in SIP, H.323 or Cisco Skinny protocols. Also MiaRec is able to record calls in other proprietary protocols, if a voice is transmitted in RTP packets. In latter case MiaRec will be able to store audio part of a call, but caller/callee phone numbers may be unavailable.


This site contains detailed instructions for many voip phones, softphones and adapters regarding recording calls on them. Click on a corresponding vendor name below to see a list of all devices, for which instructions are available.










If your vendor/device is not included into a list, then click on one of links below to see instructions for general voip phone, softphone or adapter.

Feel free to contact our technical support team ( And they will consult you if a recording is possible on your phone and what you need to do to accomplish it.


Voip Adapter


IP Phone



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