Avaya IP Office Cloud multitenant call recording using SIPREC

MiaRec Avaya Technology Partner

MiaRec Avaya Interop Tested

MiaRec integrates with Avaya IP Office Cloud and Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) to provide multitenant hosted call recording solutions to Avaya customers.

MiaRec uses SIPREC interface of Avaya SBCE to simultaneously record multiple customers in a hosted environment. Unlike other recording solutions, the integration with the Avaya SBCE enables capture of audio calls at the network ingress/egress point when SIP trunk facilities are used. This approach has the advantage of being less taxing on communication system resources.

How it works

MiaRec recording server is configured as a Session Recording Server (SRS) at Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE). When call passes trough SBCE to SIP trunk, the call metadata and media are forked to recording server via SIPREC protocol. MiaRec decodes the data and archives on local storage.

The enterprise users may access own call recordings using MiaRec web portal. Access to call recording data is secured with role-based access control.

The following diagram shows a hosted deployment of MiaRec at the service provider premises.

Avaya IP Office Cloud multitenant call recording with MiaRec


  • Software-only solution - does not require telephony boards or any wiring beyond a typical network infrastructure

  • Seamless integration - does not use any resources on Avaya IP Office

  • Fully automatic call recording with optional support of on-demand recording


  • Every recorded call additionally requires one standard and one advanced license on Avaya SBCE